About We See Potential

We See Potential

Every individual has potential. Through our Program, you can discover and achieve yours.

We See Potential (WSP) is an organization that assists individuals on their journey to achieving total wellness, so they can live their best lives.

WSP is the nonprofit arm of TBG Trains, a workforce training company based in Washington, D.C. Although the focus is different, we deliver through WSP the same passion and level of care we bring to our trainings.

Many of the individuals we work with have various levels of trauma, disappointment, and lack of success that has sometimes led to decisions that are in direct conflict to what they want to achieve.

Guided by the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, we address and expose individuals to their fullest potential, focusing on the Mind-Body-Spirit, with a goal of helping to alleviate and break the cycle, whatever it may be, for long-term wins.

We believe ALL individuals should have access to life changing tools and resources, retreats, coaching and HOPE!

Introducing WSP

In this video, Founder and President of TBG Trains, Vivica Brooks  introduces We See Potential and discusses why she created the nonprofit organization.

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