Your Donations Make An Impact

They Help Individuals Reach their Potential

How many times have people heard, “Just go get a job” or “just go to school”, only to end up right back in the same place they were before? Sometimes we all need to take a step back and really examine what is stopping us or once we get there, why we are not able to hold on to it. WSP is a true believeer in Coaching and taking a step back to examine next steps in life. Donating to WSP will allow those who often do not get a chance to receive professional coaching and person-centered retreats the opportunity to experience support as an individual and a group through the 8 Dimensions of Wellness to discover their full potential.

Through your generous donations we will be able to provide:

Group and Individual Coaching

Why do so many executives, athletes and entertainers have coaches? Because it works! WSP believes EVERYONE who wants a coach should have a coach to support them on their journey to their fullest potential.

African American Woman - WSP Retreats


A time to “step away”, recharge, and become intentional about the next step in one’s journey is a gift everyone should have access to. Our retreats allow individuals the safe space to explore, begin to heal, and realize that within them is the potential to achieve the goals they set for themselves.